• 1Selection
    Our staff of expert search and select from thousands of the most profitable information products.
  • 2Test
    We began testing various campaigns and promotions of all kinds in diverse media
  • 3Is Profitable?
    If it is not profitable, another tried to find the right infoproducto
  • 4Activation
    Activate all campaigns, positioning and content generation
  • 5Start
    Proven its viability made the first investment of 10,000 € in PPC advertising promotion (Google Adwords, Facebook, etc.)
  • 6Crowdfunding
    We opened the campaign to the public to invest jointly in order to achieve greater impact and accelerated profitability. The investment is made simple, instantly and securely via "PayPal".
  • 7Cast
    We distributed the monthly return on sales produced in proportion to the investment of each participant. The monthly payment is made automatically to the same account "PayPal" that made the investment.


Crowdfunding Affilliate


Promotion 10 languages - The best sales team at Online Marketing - We do all the work to promote the product chosen for participants only have to worry about choosing the product to invest - The invested money is spent on advertising, this, marketing, campaigns, design, adwords, ppc - Invests the first platform 10.000 euros each year.


The profit split be performed equally by Platform / Investor - Payment via PayPal allows automatic payment of monthly return on sales reported in proportion to your investment - During the life of the product ALL - You can sell your shares and get your money back anytime. The platform will transfer to the next interested investor.


Allow ANYONE to participate in the benefits from selling information products on the Internet thanks to the knowledge and experience of top experts.


INTERNATIONAL be shared regarding investment products Affiliate.


¿Qué es Crowfunding Affilliate?
It is the platform to jointly invest in promoting affiliate products and services by completely eliminating the major technical barriers, and economic knowledge alone that a person would have to succeed in selling products on the internet.
What are affiliate products?
All those products or services that could be sold over the internet in exchange for a percentage (a market that moved last year 312 billion in Europe alone and soon reach nothing less than the 10% the volume of retail sales worldwide)
How do I know what to invest?
In our section "Campaigns" You will find information about the selected products and the annual yield being obtained. Select the product you want to invest in the. Only make your first investment is enough to start making a monthly return on sales occurring.

4 answers

for those who can see beyond a simple Beta
Because in a global industry worth millions of dollars the 97% NO affiliates generate economic results. (In its most individuals in the best have a database (email lists) o gestionan 1 from 2 blogs of diverse content.)

These are the same members who do not now collect benefits who can invest in profitable campaigns and promote CROAFF between affiliates and other social networks.
Yes. From zero to infinity because it requires no human intervention. These are the users who can become expert community (ExpertCroaff). It just takes a requirement; Linkedin user be at least 50 professionals and incorporate the other team contacts 2 people with the same profile and contact number Linkedin.
a) Because NO campaigns that are not getting positive results are published. CROAFF maximize search results providing collective investment, testing in any way on borrowed money products.
b) Because user groups are enlisted as "ExpertCroaff" publicly expose your entire network of professional contacts and professional credibility to the success of your campaigns.
a) Any small individual investor returns and want to get to know the potential of ecommerce. Anyway the site of the planet that is.
b) A young members who normally do not get results.
c) The creators of products / services themselves obviously interested to actively participate in the community of experts who are working on promoting your product.
d) A network of international affiliation, to as simply promoting affiliate CROAFF can assume wider economic benefits because they have a very extensive network of affiliates that can reach one stroke.